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Ancient secrets, carved in rocks,
carry messages of spiritual wonders –
new to us, but within.
Wisdom is gained when we rediscover
the messages of yore for us to apply.
Start reading about the ancient secrets,
right here and now.

Welcome to the Place of Origin of

New Ancient Wisdomoften paraphrased, even by the media, seldom credited.

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Dr. Bara Loveland The eBook of Consciousness,
Your New Self-Help Kaleidoscope
Zeitalter des Gefühls
Heaven and Earth Mother
The (W)Hole eBook on Mimbres Pots
Antonia Hudson/art, Dr. Bara Loveland/text Adoration of the Madonna
Charles Klotsche MBA Color Medicine
John B. Loveland MMsc The Holy Land – War and Peace
Wheels of Wonders
A Chance for Peace
Galactic Origin of Human Genesis
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Cosmic Leaf No.7, Color Types
Cosmic Leaf No.10, Color Types in Love







Discover New Age Innovation and Consciousness.

Original Research Presents

NEW-ANCIENT WISDOM You are about to discover New Age innovative new-ancient™ selfhelp techniques and the original meanings of ancient, sacred symbols and messages. Innovative, original research revealed that they reflect and influence your own divine energy, even if you would not be aware of the sway of archetypes and symbols.

ONE SACRED SYSTEM “Once upon a time,” before the historic Stone Age, there was but one sacred system of symbols, which could only have been developed when all land was gathered at the arctic Pangaea, as Professor Dr. Herman Wirth pointed out. Later, with the continents drifting and forming (Alfred Wegener), the system of Oneness was varied in different latitudes and for areas of need, but still discernible among the sacred systems of the ancient Egyptians, Mayas, Germanic tribes, ancient Chinese, and Australian aborigines as well as the Hawaiians. This system of Oneness is also contained in the Bible, till now undetected by the churches. Learn in an entertaining way how to understand these once secret systems and what they tell you about your divine energy.



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DOWNLOADING ANCIENT SECRETS  Learn how materialistic changes came about through error, as well as misunderstanding the ancient world of spiritual supremacy and peace, and what these revelations may mean to you on your way back to Paradise: knowledge on the spiritual path that encompasses the wonders of life itself! You may want to download sacred art, containing archetypes of wisdom. You will find such comprehensive knowledge only on NewAncientSecrets™, right here at

The Place of Origin of NewAncientWisdom™!



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What You Find Exclusively Here

New Genre - NewAncientSecrets

• ORIGINAL RESEARCH  This is your site to attain the increasing number of works published here on symbols, archetypes, self-help information, Color*Medicine, Color*Medicine™ Sounds, life energy, frequency balance, Bio*Chakra™ Body Signs and Bio*Chakra™ Personality Traits, sacred art – with increasingly more titles.

• REDISCOVERED  This work has often been imitated but was never matched, for before these publications the spiritual origins of symbols were not detected in our lifetime and in many cases not in 2000 years: decades of original research have rediscovered for you the lost, sacred messages!

• PUBLISHED HERE NewAncientSecrets™ exclusively publishes the works of Dr. Bara H. Loveland, based on original research, and works by her associates.

• THE NEW INNOVATIVE GENRE  The here presented publications begin where common science ends, since science today shuns total knowing and generally accepts only the material world that can be weighed and measured. Prevalent science entirely misses the knowledge of the ancient wisdom which informs us, like the Bible, about our divine energies. Made of Consciousness, these energies go far beyond any measuring tool of science! Therefore, a new genre had to be coined for the publications of NewAncientSecrets™: in the form of books, articles, pamphlets etc.

New Genre: NewAncientSecrets™
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Come and join the Wisdom of the Ages re-discovered! See what is new and what is to come on this site. You may not want to miss any new publication from original research to stay ahead of time on spiritual knowing and ancient wisdom, preparing for a better world for all life.

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“We cannot convince others
of the world beyond materialism and the mind,
where no measurement tool reaches.
We can only convince ourselves
by experiencing the spiritual world
through intuition.”

 Dr. Bara Loveland

Mission and Vision

Mission of NewAncientSecrets

RELIGARE  Religions (from Latin religare, be bound fast), still evoke symbolic remnants of the spiritual secrets of the archetypes. Their sacred origins were once known in the entire world and were written in the rocks, but also experienced and practiced as an active part of everyday life. Archeology found that even around 7,500 BC in Çatal Hüyük (excavated by James Mellart in Turkey), the home was the temple, with more ancient knowledge recalled in the Bible: the body was and is the temple of God (I Cor. 3:16). The purpose of religion, by its very name, is “to bind, to reconnect us fast” to our divine heritage! Religion was philosophy, medicine, psychology, astronomy, astrology, technique and geometry. Yet, after Çatal Hüyük, more and more selected and consecrated personalities were to guard the secrets of the archetypes (Dr. Bara Loveland), and the oneness of religion was divided into fiction (intuition) and non-fiction (science), although both are based on the same principles (Dr. Bara Loveland, The Book of Consciousness). Protecting and overprotecting the sacred knowledge by symbols on the part of religion led to forgetting the holy origins of the cryptograms: the true and creative archetypes. Science, denying intuition, led to the destruction of the world through heaven shattering earth warming, which German research found caused mainly by sky-polluting trails. Money became the new god and shareholders this god’s advocates no matter what the consequences, it seems. Yet, the Soul knows the way back to Paradise via the ancient meanings of the inner symbols: we only have to remember!


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MAYAN DAY SIGNS AND I CHING Who can know the spiritual meanings of the Mayan Day Signs, the I Ching, or of the Runes if not published here?

THE SECRET OF THE BUTTERED STEPS Who can comprehend Job 29:6 (Bible), “When I washed my steps with butter, and the rock poured me out rivers of oil?” Who would oil steps which are to supply sure footing? Who could understand the mystery of the oiled steps – unless these symbols are explained here on the basis of the wisdom of the ages, suddenly making sense!

KABBALAH TREE REVEALED Who can know the divine origin of the Hebrew Tree of Life, when Professor Gershom Scholem, scholar and leading expert on Jewish symbolisms, said that the meaning of this Tree is not meant for people to know, it is only God who knows it? Be surprised!

ENERGY FIELDS Who could discern the intercultural names for our spiritual energy fields and the Bio*Chakra™ Body Signs they produce, if not revealed here?

YOUR LIFE TASK NUMBER Who would know how colorful cosmic influences of the Circadian Rhythm and of celestial bodies relate to our acupuncture points and energy fields, if not revealed here?

WHAT IF FACT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? Is there a definition for Conscousness? Can God be defined?Are science and magic compatible? If there is an answer, it may originate on NewAncientSecrets™.

WHAT ARE LIFE TASK NUMBERS? Where could you ascertain your mysterious Bio*Chakra™ Life Task Number, which has helped people discover their exciting life task. Although different from numerology and without anybody’s knowing why these numbers seem to work, they have worked wonders for people’s satisfaction of task!

NEW AGE AND THE BIBLE? Where else could you find innovative definitions of Consciousness, mind, the unconscious or neurosis and how the latter helps to heal? Where else could you find original research on the holiness of archetypes and sacred symbols as well as information on secret code-words of the Bible that reveal their spiritual meaning: the sacred energy fields in yourself? Be surprised to find “new age” in the ancient Bible!

ANCIENT WISDOM REDISCOVERED NewAncientSecrets™ is dedicated to convey new-ancient™ wisdom from original research: ancient, because it has been recorded in many sacred systems of humankind, bequeathed to us from the Stone Age on. Yet it is new since it had to be rediscovered. Innovative scientific insights are coming together here with the ancient knowing for the benefit of humankind and herewith for all life. Not knowing was called darkness by the ancient, East Indian sacred text, the Bhagavad-Gita, and Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (Bible, Luke 23:34)

STONE AGE MESSAGES  The expert on Stone Age symbols and ancient and new language roots, Professor Herman Wirth Roeper Bosch, sensed the Oneness behind the sacred symbols (Die heilige Urschrift der Menschheit, The Holy Primal Scripture of Humankind). His symbol-historic method and writings have indirectly confirmed the ancient knowing of the spiritual origins of our divine powers in archetypes and symbols – adding more insights to the pioneering works of Professor Sigmund Freud and Dr. Carl Gustav Jung.





Vision of NewAncientSecrets™

TOOLS FOR THE SUPREME  It is the vision of NewAncientSecrets™ to share the insights gained in naturally altered states with all who are interested and to show that everyone can experience the holy secrets in their life – if they wish. For what one can do, all can do in principia. We all have the tools needed to experience – to relive – the ancient secrets and their radiance: our body and our energy fields. All main energy fields are mentioned in the ancient holy systems such as the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the I Ching, and in the Bible. One of these fields, like a large acupuncture point, is remembered in the Holy Scriptures as “Third Eye”, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22) Is this considered to be a doubtful statement? Then thousands of spiritual “incidents” from all ages may lead the way to new truth: the ancient one!

AFFIRMATION  New-ancient™ wisdom is now reaching around the world, raising the awareness of Oneness on this planet and in the universe, assisting in bringing pristine Paradise back to beautiful earth, benefiting all life.

AN ANCIENT PREDICTION  “AND I saw a new heaven and a new earth …and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.” (Bible, Revelation 21:1, 4)



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“Life may be transformed
by the intensity
of the mysterious light from Consciousness,
out of which
Archetypes and matter form.”

Dr. Bara Loveland, The Book of Consciousness, p. 460; 2011


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